We are the Redekopps, husband and wife wedding photographers living in the South. Our stories start far away but we are now home with each other and our big fluffy dog Mumfie. We love exploring new places and trying exotic food. We love listening to a mix tape on a road trip and finding a must-have 45 at the record store. We love sand and saltwater, unbeaten paths and epic spots, and passing time in coffeeshops.

Before we met each other, we were struggling to find our passions and purpose in life. We fell in love and we explored ways to be creative…always together. We are passionate about creating emotional photos between two people who are madly in love. And when couples tell us how happy they are with them, it gives us purpose. Having the chance to share our photos with the world, for a living, frees us. It is totally amazing to us that a Canadian boy can meet a Filipino girl, if that’s what the fates decide. Luckily our worldwide journeys crossed and we’ve been traveling hand-in-hand ever since. Yes, we believe in soulmates. We will be friends forever and that is the most important thing in the world to us. We are married and photographers because it’s real and important. Each person out there has their own story of being in love. And your story matters too.

We’re self-taught photographers and big dreamers. Big fans of Love and anything Wedding. If you’re here and would love us to capture your story, drop us a line, an email, or use our simple contact form. If you’re just passing through, check out our photos and leave us some love.

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“There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream.” ~ Author Unknown