Jacob and Christine’s lives and love have always involved three things…traveling, faith, and ice cream! They first met at Ohio University in Athens. They were surprised how much they had in common including their Catholic upbringing. Their relationship began with Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday masses and their faith continues to be a big part of their relationship ever since. Their true first date was a hiking trip Jacob invited Christine on where they talked about their travels to Columbia and Zambia. After many ice cream dates, Jacob soon after left for school in Arkansas where they were tested through a long distance relationship. Their love prevailed and their travels have landed them in Oklahoma where they will be getting married and having many more ice cream dates.

It seemed fitting to take a trip for their engagement session so we met them in Little Rock, Arkansas. The one thing I love about Little Rock is all the bridges! They seems to be everywhere. We met for their engagement session at a park near where he proposed…on a bridge! The Little Rock River Market District is a fun lively area that they explored and as the sun set we ended up on a hill overlooking the river. Little did we know they had memories of picnics on that exact hill. It was a perfect weekend!

better with music

Jacob and Christine, you two are so much fun to hang out with! We loved talking to you about your travels and we can’t wait to celebrate your wedding this weekend! Friends, thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. ♥

We received an email from Linsea early last year inquiring about wedding photography. She didn’t have a date or venue set but she just knew that she wanted it to be a Spring wedding and wanted it to be documented in all it’s craziness and loveliness. We knew right away that she was our kind of girl, wanting their big day photographed in all its realness. And of course when we met her she was absolutely even lovelier in person and no wonder Trace is so head over heels with her.

During their engagement session, they had their four-legged fur babies in tow. The weather was perfect and their dogs were more than happy to goof around and they even posed for photos! Trace has trained them so well so they were definitely easy to work with. We strolled around Oklahoma State University grounds, a place near and dear to Trace & Linsea’s heart. Then we ended the day at Rosemary Ridge where we watched the sun set that day. We surely had a wonderful time with these two.

better with music

Trace & Linsea, you two are such lovely people and we can’t wait to celebrate your wedding this coming weekend! Friends, thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. ♥