David & Kelsey ~ A Woodsy Bicycle Engagement

The weekend is just around the corner and we have an amazing e-session to share! I love these photos and I guarantee they will inspire you to venture outdoors with your significant other this weekend. I present to you David & Kelsey’s woodsy bicycle engagement. Ah they are so much in love! ♥

Adorable huh?! David and Kelsey are even a cuter couple in person. They both brought their bikes and good spirit which created photos that are definitely “them”. They both are avid bicyclists. They love biking around and definitely enjoy biking to class. David is actually planning a bike tour to Oregon. Yes, biking FROM Oklahoma TO Oregon. So as you can imagine, the shoot wouldn’t have been complete without their bikes. :)

David and Kelsey first met because they attended the same church and right now they live in rent houses that are across the street from each other. ♥ Sweet! ♥ They are also coincidentally both studying to be environmental engineers. We took their bikes out to this woods by a lake because there is a special story behind this spot. Besides biking, David and Kelsey love the outdoors. One day, David convinced Kelsey to go out hiking in these woods because he needed to “test out his new camping stove.” Kelsey was a little suspicious but didn’t question since it seemed logical enough plus she likes hiking through woods. While meandering under the canopy of trees, finding paths and enjoying the cool weather, two stray dogs randomly decided to join them for the day. Kelsey said the day was amazing, and with their new friends Bear and Scout it could only be described as surreal.

As the day wound down they found themselves sitting by the lake, admiring the sunset, petting the dogs, and talking about erosion {They ARE engineers remember? LOL}. What happened next, Kelsey never expected. David suddenly knelt on one knee and asked Kelsey to marry him. He spoke from his heart telling her why he chose here over any other girl. I got butterflies in my stomach from just hearing their story. And of course, she said Yes!

I don’t know if any day can compare to their proposal back in January, but it sure was enjoyable spending the afternoon capturing their love for each other. Head on over to the slideshow on their Event Page to find more wonderful and touching photos of these two. On another note, I hope you enjoy your weekend and come back Monday. We’ll post a sneak peak of an e-session we’re doing tomorrow {think soda pop and an old round barn ♥}. See you next week!

  • April 16, 2012 - 11:16 am

    Jamie S - They are so sweet.

    Love the pin it tags – how cool.

  • April 19, 2012 - 10:47 am

    Kristine - Thanks! Scott made them!