Just Because ~ Quentin & Victoria

Happy Wednesday! Due to inclement weather this past weekend, we had to move our schedule around a bit. So no photoshoot :( but no worries, we still have a fun session to share! Quentin & Victoria came to us last November to get some Just Because photos done. This is the first time to post any because they wanted them to be a surprise for their families over the holidays. Take a look!

As you can see this was in the heart of fall and all the trees were glorious. I’m so glad that Sophie and Bella, their pomeranian’s, were able to come out and play! And boy they loved it!

Kitchen utensils? Power tools?! Lol, this couple was so much fun! We always try to find something that a couple has in common and we center the photoshoot around that. This time there was a twist! The thing is that they don’t exactly share everything but for every interest or hobby one of them has, the other has a complement. They each have their own bookshelves with different types of books. One has a PC…and, yup, the other likes Macs. Victoria likes to spend time in the kitchen {she bakes the best banana bread} and Quentin spends time in the garage {his truck is his baby}. The best thing about this couple is that they encourage each other even when it’s “different”. It would be so boring anyway if two people are too much alike right!?

Quentin and Victoria have been together for 5 years and we asked them if they would share their porposal story. They have such a sweet story! Quentin has a handy man business on the side but was worried about how long it may take to save up for a nice ring. As luck would have it, he had a client that had a beautiful loose diamond. The client made him a deal, in exchange for a summer’s worth of yard work, he could have the diamond. All he needed to do was find the perfect setting. The ring is beautiful so I think they got a great deal and such a labor of love!

Quentin and Victoria have a new passion for running. And as you may expect they have simliar shoes and water bottles…matching but different.

While we were running around we came across a fallen eagle’s nest. How crazy is that!? I swear I could fit in that nest no problem…I mean it was B-I-G! Anyway, there was no sneak peek on this one so head straight on over and visit their Event Page for more sweet his & her photos. Have a great week!