Natural Falls State Park Engagement | Adam & Kaci

Adam and Kaci are a laid back couple who love the outdoors and each other even more. Adam worked in a coffee shop where Kaci would go…and she simply found herself coming in more and more. She found excuses to come in and he found more reasons to talk to her and eventually they started dating. You can see why Kaci loves this guy. Adam is a genuine, kind-hearted, thoughtful guy. He wanted the proposal to be special so he drew up a map, then gave it along with a scrapbook to Kaci to use for a Girl’s Day Out he planned for her. The map led her to important people in their lives who had items to slowly fill up the book through her journey. Finally, she ended up at a gazebo across from where they first met. Adam got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said “Yes!”. Just from their proposal, you can tell they love adventures, so we headed out to Natural Falls State Park in northeast Oklahoma on the edge of the Ozarks. None of us had ever been there before so it really was going to be an adventure. We took a trail down to the bottom of the ravine to gaze up at the 77 foot waterfall and dripping springs of the park’s namesake. We continued to trek back up the rugged trails and along the cliff sides. Through the brush we found the 110 foot bluff that looks through the treetops to the falls in the distance. They were pretty brave enough to hang out at the edge for a bit. The view was pretty surreal! Back down the hill, the water from the falls eventually pools into a lake and spills over into a stream. As they found out, it’s ankle deep and a perfect place to connect to the earth and to each other. These two will be saying their I Do’s at Vesica Piscis Chapel in Tulsa, OK.

Adam and Kaci, we love that you are light-hearted and up for anything, defnitely our type of people. You two are truly a wonderful couple to be around. We can’t wait to shoot your wedding later this year. We are so excited for you two! Thank you everyone for stopping by and feel free to leave some Love &heart; for them {aka comments}. Time to plan the next adventure!

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  • December 10, 2015 - 6:31 pm

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