Philbrook Museum of Art Gardens Bridal | Kerrie

Kerrie looking right at home in this gorgeous Italian Renaissance villa. She was beautiful wearing her gorgeous WTOO gown and taking it all in at The Philbrook Museum of Art gardens. Kerrie’s inspiration was gilded geometric designs, geodes, and natural gemstones. So she had a gem crown handmade out of quartz crystals. Her look was finished off with a soft floral loose bouquet from Anthousai. All her details, from her gown to her quartz crown to the flowers and the gardens, she chose herself. Kerrie’s beauty is effortless because she is always just being herself. And we were there to capture this moment in her life, a prelude to her big wedding day. It was an inspiring day but eventually the sun set. We lost all but the light of the moon and The Philbrook’s lamps, but we couldn’t stop shooting. Even her silhouette was beautiful.

better with music

Kerrie, you make a radiant bride but no matter what you wear, you always sparkle! Friends, thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. ♥

Venue: Philbrook Museum of Art
Dress: Wtoo from J. J. Kelly Bridal Salon
Gem Crown: Lindsey White
Flowers: Anthousai
Hair: Mari Velasquez from V’las Salon & Spa
Makeup: Hannah Demuth