Ryan & Holly ~ A Guthrie Daytrip Engagement

Happy Saturday Friends! Can you believe it’s the last day of June already!? It’s half-way through the year and the days just seem to be speeding through so fast. Anyway, we have some weekend eye-candy for you. :) Meet Ryan & Holly. We had planned out a fun day for their visit to Guthrie. ♥

How cool that Ryan spontaneously twirled Holly and broke into a dance number. They are so darn cute! We visited some antique shops and they surely found interesting pieces to take back home. Ryan bought these antique glasses monogrammed with “F” which is his last name and will soon be Holly’s too. ♥

These lovebirds drove all the way from Tulsa which is almost 2 hours away. But I think the day trip and visiting the original capital of Oklahoma that’s surely filled with character is a fun way to spend the weekend.

Ryan & Holly brought their bikes with them, this is one of their favourite pastimes aside from walking their dogs. They do love to hang out at parks and just relax. In fact, Ryan proposed at a park in Tulsa that overlooks a river. It was just one of those beautiful days and they were just out relaxing in the sun when Ryan popped the question. Simple and sweet! ♥

I just love how these two exude love. They were so much fun to hang out with all morning. Both are so sweet, kind, and beautiful. And funny too! We actually wished we could just go on and on with the session, LOL.

I love Guthrie and it’s even more fun capturing a stellar couple like Ryan & Holly. And there’s more! So head on over to the slideshow on the Event Page. Enjoy your weekend and stay cool!